Breast Implant Removal in Marylebone, London

Breast Implant Removal

Remove or exchange breast implants with Dr Ben Khoda

Breast Implant Removal

Treatment overview

The most common reason for breast implant removal is to exchange it for another, but a small number of women experience complications such as capsular contraction and want to have their implants removed.

The majority of women treasure their implants, enjoying the boost to self-confidence and the enhancement to their figure they deliver, but a small number of patients might have issues with their implants in the longer term and choose to have them removed. The three principal reasons for breast implant removal are a change in size, capsular contracture, and rupture, though on vary rare occasions patients might experience Breast Implant Illness (BII). Whatever the reasons for removal, Mr Khoda will support you through the process, and answer any questions you might have.

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The rupture of an implant is not always considered a health risk and may even go unnoticed by patients, but some might experience pain, breast lumps, or changes in breast size and shape due to capsular contraction, which can occur independently of rupture but also because of rupture. If you experience these symptoms, you might be a candidate for breast implant removal (explantation).

Capsular Contracture

When a breast implants is placed, the body forms a layer of scar tissue around it. This is natural and doesn’t usually result in any changes of texture or shape, but in some women the capsule can contract and become hard, resulting in unwanted alterations to the shape of the breast.

Breast Implant Illness

To the best of medical science’s knowledge, BII is a rare, hypersensitive immune response to breast implants, similar to the reaction some patients have to other foreign body implants such as a prosthetic hip. If you become generally unwell after receiving breast implants, get in touch to discuss your symptoms. BII typically resolves after the implants are removed.

If you experience any of the above, or notice swelling around your implant more than six months after having it placed, contact Mr Khoda to discuss explanation.

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    Procedure time:
    30-60 minutes

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    Length of stay:

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    1 week

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Breast Implant Removal

Your consultation

Our in-depth consultations allow us to understand your aesthetic goals, while discussing any risks associated with surgery.

  • Initial 30-minute zoom consultation, including discussion of medical history
  • A detailed discussion of available treatment options
  • The patient is involved in the decision-making process
  • A clinic letter and treatment information are sent, along with terms and conditions and a quote
  • Once patients feel they want to move forward, a face-to-face consultation is held
  • A detailed examination is carried out in the presence of a chaperone.
  • Questions are asked and answered
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Breast Implant Removal


The implant itself is removed, along with the capsule of scar tissue. Thin capsules tend to reabsorb into the body, but thicker capsules can cause lumpiness and are usually removed. Typically, drains are inserted on either side of the chest after the procedure is complete and remain in situ for 24 hours.

The surgery usually takes 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the individual case and the thickness of the capsule.

Removing implants will leave the breasts deflated, often with excess skin, depending on the amount of breast tissue remaining. Over the following 6 months the tissues will settle, and many patients are happy with the end result. Others choose to have a breast lift to achieve a perkier, more youthful appearance.

A small percentage of patients experience a variety of unexplained symptoms after breast implants are placed, including difficulty swallowing, a dry mouth, headaches, and heart palpitations. We put our patients first and are happy to remove implants if you want us to. Mr Khoda is a specialist in breast implant illness and an expert in the removal of implants and capsules (capsulectomy surgery).

After the surgical drains have been removed, you should wear a sports bra or compression top for up to 12 weeks, including at night. The surgical wounds will be dressed with waterproof micropore tape, enabling you to shower as normal, though we recommend patting the tape with a towel and blow-drying it on a low heat setting to ensure it is dry. Most patients return to work after 7 days, but this does vary from person to person. In the second week it remains important to avoid lifting and strain, and for the first 3 weeks we advise abstaining from strenuous activity or going to the gym. It can take 6 months for the tissues to fully settle.

All surgeries can lead to complications, but Mr Khoda works in a safe and consistent manner to minimise any risks. He uses the non-touch technique, avoiding skin contact with any part of the wound or any substance or surface that will come into contact with the wound, such as the inner surface of dressings. The most common complications with surgery are bleeding, haematomas, infection, numbness, alteration in nipple sensation, and the need to return to theatre for further procedures. Surgery also presents a risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

After breast implant removal, the appearance of breasts varies for each individual. Factors such as natural breast tissue, skin elasticity, and implant size can influence the outcome. Some experience a return to their pre-implant look, while others may notice changes.

Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal

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