Dermal Fillers in Marylebone, London

Dermal Fillers

Restore lost volume and re-contour the lines of your face with Dr Ben Khoda

Dermal Fillers

Treatment overview

If you are concerned about lost facial volume or want to augment the contours of your face, you could be a good candidate for dermal fillers.

As part of the ageing process, our skin’s natural production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid decreases, leading to loss of volume and shape in the face and lack of elasticity in the skin. Dermal fillers replenish lost volume, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and deeply hydrate the skin.

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Dermal fillers are a versatile treatment, delivering immediate results in a number of sought-after applications:

  • Achieve full, shapely lips
  • Hydrate and refresh the skin
  • Restore lost volume in the cheeks
  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Contour and reshape your face for a subtle but elegant transformation

In youth, the fat pads in the cheeks are held high in the face by firm, supple skin, but as the skin loses its ability to recover after stretching and folding, the fat pads lose saturation and volume sinks down the cheeks towards the neck. As well as leaving behind a more drawn, gaunt facial appearance, this can obscure the lines of the jaw and chin. One of the other applications of dermal fillers is to strengthen and define facial structure.

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    Procedure time:
    1 hour

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    Length of stay:

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    3 days

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Dermal Fillers

Your consultation

Our in-depth consultations allow us to understand your aesthetic goals while discussing any risks associated with surgery.

  • Initial 30-minute Zoom consultation, including discussion of medical history
  • A detailed discussion of available treatment options
  • The patient is involved in the decision-making process
  • A clinic letter and treatment information are sent, along with terms and conditions and a quote
  • Once patients feel they want to move forward, a face-to-face consultation is held
  • A detailed examination is carried out in the presence of a chaperone
  • Before and after photos are shown, questions are asked and answered
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Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid gel and a small amount of painkillers to minimise discomfort when they are placed. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring bodily substance that retains 10,000 times its weight in water within the skin. Dermal fillers replenish the skin with high levels of hyaluronic acid while replacing lost volume and smoothing facial lines.

Dermal fillers can be placed to enhance the jawline and chin. If you are concerned about a ‘weak chin’, where the chin is short and affecting facial symmetry, or if your jawline has become lost in sagging skin, you could well be a suitable candidate for this use of fillers. Mr Khoda will examine your facial structure and discuss your options with you during your consultation.

If you want elegant, natural-looking results, you should always choose an experienced clinician with an artist’s hand. The skills Mr Khoda is renowned for as a surgeon serve him equally well when placing fillers. Using his expert eye, he will carefully inject your fillers and massage them into place to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Most patients tell us the procedure is relatively pain-free. You will be offered a topical numbing cream before treatment begins to minimise any discomfort, and the needles used are very fine.

Across the globe, high-quality dermal fillers are considered to be extremely safe, and Mr Khoda only uses premium fillers. Because hyaluronic acid is a natural bodily product, allergic reactions are infrequent.

  • Don’t pull at or touch the treatment area until healing is complete
  • Don’t apply makeup for at least 12 hours
  • Stay away from intense heat sources, such as steam rooms or hot showers
  • Avoid physical exercise for 48 hours.

This varies from person to person depending on skin elasticity and other factors such as environment and lifestyle, ranging from 6-18 months.

Dermal Fillers

Starts from £500 per ml

Interest free finance available

Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Dermal Fillers

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery

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