Breast Reduction in Marylebone, London

Breast Reduction

Reduce the size and improve the shape of your breasts with Dr Ben Khoda

Breast Reduction

Treatment overview

Having large breasts can present women with a host of problems, from back pain to posture issues to personal embarrassment if stared at in public.

For some women, having large breasts can be highly inconvenient, resulting in back pain and posture issues, while hindering exercise and making it harder to find clothes that fit. Large breasts tend to sag more than smaller breasts, which can undermine self-confidence, and can also result in unwanted attention when out and about in public. If you are not happy with the shape or size of large breasts, a breast reduction in Marylebone could provide you with the outcome you’re looking for.

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Mr Khoda understand the unwanted impact large breasts can have on some women’s lives, and offers breast reduction surgery to help them achieve a more desirable breast size and shape. Having breasts that are in proportion with your body shape can be a tremendous relief for many patients, diminishing back pain, enabling women to exercise freely, dress as they want, and live their lives with renewed confidence.

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    Procedure time:
    1-2 hours

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    Length of stay:
    1 night

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    2 weeks

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Breast Reduction

Your consultation

Our in-depth consultations allow us to understand your aesthetic goals, while discussing any risks associated with surgery.

  • Initial 30-minute zoom consultation, including discussion of medical history
  • A detailed discussion of available treatment options
  • The patient is involved in the decision-making process
  • A clinic letter and treatment information are sent, along with terms and conditions and a quote
  • Once patients feel they want to move forward, a face-to-face consultation is held
  • A detailed examination is carried out in the presence of a chaperone
  • Before and after photos are shown, questions asked and answered
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Breast Reduction

Before & Afters

“I had the best experience with Mr Khoda, I felt so at ease with the whole service! Could not recommend enough!”

Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Breast Reduction


Breast reduction surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic, taking 90 – 120 minutes to complete. Excess fat, glandular breast tissue, and loose skin is removed from the breasts. The remaining breast tissue is expertly reshaped by Mr Khoda, for a pleasing, pert outcome, and the nipple is moved to its new position without disrupting the blood supply.

Most patients stay in hospital for 1 night, allowing us to monitor the initial phase of their recovery.

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue, as well as fat and loose skin, leaving you with breasts that are not only smaller but perkier too. Mr Khoda will bring his surgical skill to bear to leave you with smaller, shapelier, and more pert breasts.

Mr Khoda’s approach is to carry the nipple-areolar complex (brown part of the breast) on some breast tissue to keep it alive, which usually protects nipple sensation. It is possible for the blood supply to the nipple to be compromised, in which case surgical intervention would be necessary.

Occasionally, patients with heavy, pendulous breasts need the nipple areolar complex (NAC) to be raised by a greater than average distance. In this group of patients, the NAC is removed/detached and replaced as a graft. This is dressed for 2 weeks to allow the graft to survive and take its blood supply from the breast tissue. The NAC will be pink, and pigment returns with time. In some patients, not all of the pigment returns, and micropigmentation may be necessary.

Most patients require up to 3 weeks off work. Intensive activity, exercise, and lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks, though milder forms of exercise can be resumed after 4 weeks. Driving is to be avoided too, until you are safe to perform an emergency stop. A post-surgery bra should be worn for 3 months to promote healing.

If you are overweight or planning to become pregnant, Mr Khoda might suggest delaying your operation. If you have significant health issues or are a heavy smoker, Mr Khoda will discuss your options during consultation.

All surgeries can lead to complications, but Mr Khoda works in a safe and consistent manner to minimise any risks. He uses the non-touch technique, avoiding skin contact with any part of the wound or any substance or surface that will come into contact with the wound, such as the inner surface of dressings. The most common complications with surgery are areolar scar stretch, nipple necrosis, asymmetry, no guarantee of cup size, bleeding, haematomas, infection, numbness, alteration in nipple sensation, and the need to return to theatre for further procedures. Surgery also presents a risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Breast Reduction

Prices from £8000

Interest free finance available

Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Breast Reduction

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery

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