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Privacy Policy

c/o Sandison Easson & Co Rex Buildings, Alderley Road, Wilmslow, United Kingdom, SK9 1HY
Company no: 11166397
Benjamin Khoda FRCS (Plast)
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Lagom Aesthetics Ltd

Lagom Aesthetics is a registered company (11166397) providing cosmetic and aesthetic services. Mr Khoda is a Specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeon registered with the GMC (6102698). He is an independent surgeon with adequate personal indemnity cover.

Terms for treatment by Mr Ben Khoda, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

By undergoing consultation or treatment by Mr Khoda you agree to read and accept these terms and to bring to Mr Khoda’s immediate attention anything that you do not understand or require clarification of.

Your consultation and treatment

Mr Khoda is an independent private practitioner and reserves the right to see and treat patients at his sole discretion. Mr Khoda will only provide consultation and treatment to persons aged 18 and over.

Mr Khoda will take time to assess you and give you information about his findings and his opinion. This will be limited by Mr Khoda’s training, experience and knowledge and the scientific literature available at the current time.

Medicine and science progress over time and new findings in the future may change the relevance or applicability of some of the information that you are given. You accept that these are factors that are beyond Mr Khoda’s control and he can only give you information based on current knowledge and that as Mr Khoda reserves the right to alter information in the light of new scientific findings as required.

At your consultation information will be given to you verbally written and with the use of images and diagrams as applicable. It is your responsibility to study this information, particularly that relating to the limits and complications of treatment, that is supplied to you.

Communication with other health professionals

In order to treat you effectively and safely it is vital that you declare all medical information to Mr Khoda at your consultation including any medical conditions that you suffer from or that affect your family and any medication, supplements or recreational substances that you may use.
Mr Khoda, in keeping with GMC guidelines, will write to your GP in relation to treatment that you are undergoing and particularly if he requires further information for example regarding medical conditions or blood test results.

This communication will normally be by post, where you have supplied your GP details. Where you have not, 2 copies of your GP letter will be sent to you and it is your responsibility to deliver one copy to your GP by your preferred method.

Patients who do not wish to have their information communicated to their GP should make this clear to Mr Khoda at their first visit.

Mr Khoda reserves the right to refuse to see or treat patients who do not give permission for him to communicate with their GP or other relevant health professionals.


Mr Khoda will take photographs on the day of surgery, intra-operatively and at review appointments. The photographs will be stored by Mr Khoda who is registered with ICO (ZA343556).

Treatment and Aftercare

When undergoing treatment by Mr Khoda you agree to comply with his post-operative instructions. There is a great deal of conflicting information in the media and internet and Mr Khoda will clarify your specific post-operative instructions and you agree to follow only Mr Khoda’s instructions during your episode of treatment.

Mr Khoda will not be responsible for continuing your care of your outcome if you do not follow his post-operative instructions or attend follow ups as scheduled.

Please note Mr Khoda reserves the right to refuse to carry out or continue treating you and will not be responsible for your outcome if you undergo treatments or take any non- prescribed medication or substances prior to, during or in the recovery period unless it has been specifically agreed at consultation with him. This is to protect you from any interventions that may adversely affect any treatment that Mr Khoda is carrying out on you.

If you are at all unsure about the safety of any proposed treatment, it is your responsibility to bring this to Mr Khoda’s attention as early as possible.

Postoperative care will be provided with the nurse until you are fully healed. All nurse appointments will be unlimited and expected consumables will be included. Any additional unexpected consumables may incur an extra charge. You will be required to attend 2 review appointments arranged at 3 and 12 months following surgery. Any further appointments will incur additional costs charged as below:

Consultation fee £150

Additional costs for any imaging required – charged by hospital providing this.

Additional surgery costs for revision or complications including hospital costs will be determined at consultation and are chargeable.

Patients must attend all follow up appointments as advised and failure to do will result in termination of the contract for the treatment provided.


All patients having attended a consultation and provided with verbal and written information must carefully think about any treatment that they wish to undergo. Mr Khoda recommends, in keeping with GMC guidance you must allow yourself at least 14 days to do so.

Charges for consultation and treatment

Mr Khoda understands that patients may be unsure as to whether their condition is amenable to treatment and for this the first consultation is free of charge. If you wish to proceed with the proposed treatment a chargeable consultation fee of £150 must be paid. All patients must have 2 consultations prior to proceeding with surgery.

Cancellation charge for preliminary consultation – £0

Cancellation charge for second cosmetic consultation – £150

Deposits for Treatments

Mr Khoda’s policy is to take a deposit of 50% at the time of booking the theatre date. Please note that this is non-refundable unless it is greater than 28 days before the surgery date as Mr Khoda will have to pay for the theatre time regardless of whether you attend. If you do cancel within 28 days and Mr Khoda is able to utilise the theatre space for another patient he will refund your deposit. In exceptional circumstances, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

It is very important that when you book your surgery you are absolutely sure that you will attend on the date that you are booking. Cancellation for unknown medical reasons will not be refunded.

Payment methods

Mr Khoda only accepts payment via bank transfer for surgery and deposits. Very rarely, payment in cash may be accepted.

Full payment for surgery must be made in full no less than 14 days before the date of admission.


If you have any concerns about Mr Khoda’s service you should bring these to his attention as soon as you have these concerns.

You will receive acknowledgement of your complaint and a response sent within 20 days in compliance with CQC and ISCAS. Any concerns about treatment provided in the hospital the complaints procedure for that facility will be followed including the timeframe for response.

By undergoing consultation or treatment with Mr Khoda you agree to your medical information being shared with his professional advisors including any legal and clinical, in the event of a complaint or claim.


Patients who are currently smoking or use nicotine products (vaping, patch, gum or nasal spray) are at a greater risk for significant surgical complications of skin dying and delayed healing and additional scarring. Individuals exposed to second-hand smoke are also at potential risk for similar complications attributable to nicotine exposure.

It is important to refrain from nicotine products for at least 4 weeks before surgery and until Mr Khoda states it is safe to return if desired. You must immediately inform Mr Khoda if you continue to smoke within this timeframe and understand that for your safety surgery will be delayed.

A urine nicotine test will be performed on the day of surgery and if this proves to be positive all your surgery fees may be forfeited and a rescheduling fee of £1500 will be chargeable.


There is clinical evidence to suggest that the risk of complications associated with anaesthesia and surgery is increased with obesity (BMI greater than 30). This may result in poor wound healing, infection, wound breakdown, poor scarring and suboptimal results. The optimal BMI is less than 30. Patients with higher BMIs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.