Breast Implant Replacement in Marylebone, London

Breast Implant Replacement

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Breast Implant Replacement

Treatment overview

The most common reason for breast implant replacement is a change of size, and although most procedures are to increase cup size, many women want a reduction in volume.

Though some women keep their implants for decades, most have them exchanged within the first ten to fifteen years after surgery. Implant exchange is usually much less invasive than the original surgery because the implant pocket already exists. If a change of pocket placement is involved (for extra support) or if a capsulectomy is required (due to capsular contracture), then surgery will be more involved. Often it will be necessary to place a much larger volume of implant to maintain the same pre-operative cup size.

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There are several common reasons patients exchange their breast implants:

  • A change of implant size or volume
  • Upgrading to the latest generation implants
  • It’s been 10-15 years since your first surgery
  • You experience rippling of the implant
  • The implant has become ruptured
  • You have experienced capsular contracture
  • A change of pocket (usually from a sub-glandular to a sub-muscular pocket)
  • Concerns about macro-texturing and BIA-ALCL
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    Procedure time:
    30-60 minutes

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    Length of stay:

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    1 week

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Breast Implant Replacement

Your consultation

Our in-depth consultations allow us to understand your aesthetic goals, while discussing any risks associated with surgery.

  • Initial 30-minute zoom consultation, including discussion of medical history
  • A detailed discussion of available treatment options
  • The patient is involved in the decision-making process
  • A clinic letter and treatment information are sent, along with terms and conditions and a quote
  • Once patients feel they want to move forward, a face-to-face consultation is held
  • A detailed examination is carried out in the presence of a chaperone
  • Questions are asked and answered
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Breast Implant Replacement


If you are experiencing issues such as rippling, capsular contraction, or a rupture, then we suggest getting in touch to discuss your options. If your breast implants are approaching 10 years old, the manufacturers advise they are due be replaced at your convenience.

Medical technologies develop quickly, and the implants available today are superior to those produced a decade ago. Innovations in breast implant technology have led to a decrease in inflammation and ease of integration with the body. My Khoda is an expert in the latest implant technology and will outline your options to help you get the results you’re looking for.

Mr Khoda offers two of the best implants on the market today allowing you to make an informed choice:

  • Motiva® implants are hand-made, durable breast implants with outstanding elasticity, allowing ease of insertion through smaller incisions. Motiva® implants are extremely soft but also retain their shape and feel. Their specialised surface design leads to less inflammation, thus minimising the risk of complications. Our patients experience incredible softness, coupled with natural ‘bounce’.
  • MENTOR® provide a range of different options, enabling women to have the breast shape and texture they desire. MemoryGel® implants hold together uniformly so they feels like natural breast tissue, while also allowing for a custom, personalised shape. MemoryShape® implants are known for their proven shape retention, delivering a natural breast appearance and shape that holds up over time.

When a breast implant is placed, the body forms a layer of scar tissue around it. This is natural and doesn’t usually result in any changes of texture or shape, but in some women the capsule can contract and become hard, resulting in unwanted alterations to the shape of the breast.

BIA-ALCL is a very rare condition affecting 1:25,000 women, characterised by sudden swelling of the breast due to serum formation. The cause is thought to be related to textured breast implants, which is why some women exchange their textured implants for more modern, smooth-textured options.

Some women decide to change the position of their implants and convert to a different pocket. Most commonly the change is from a sub-glandular pocket to a sub-muscular (dual plane) pocket for extra support.

Recovery from implant exchange (if other surgical interventions are not required) is much quicker than after the original surgery, enabling you to return to your normal daily activities in around two weeks. If a capsulectomy or change of pocket is required, recovery will take longer. This will be discussed with you during your consultation to ensure your expectations are realistic.

Any surgery carries a degree of risk. Mr Khoda will bring his expertise and skill to bear to mitigate your risk as much as possible. You will be given health advice relating to your surgery, the procedure itself will be carried out with safety utmost in mind, and after surgery you’ll be offered detailed aftercare advice. Surgical complications include infection, bleeding, badly formed scarring, breast asymmetry, pain, numbness, skin sensitivity, fluid build-up, clots in the legs and lungs, implant malposition or rupture, capsular contracture, Breast Implant Illness (BII) and Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), which is a rare lymphoma affecting 1 in 25,000 patients.

Breast Implant Replacement

Prices start from £6595

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery
Breast Implant Replacement

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Plastic Surgeon Marylebone | Cosmetic Surgery London | Dr Ben Khoda Surgery

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